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Kristen’s “surprise” Birthday


What a wonderful day! Thank you to all the grade 1’s and Miss Cervenjak for throwing me a little Birthday Party today. I had no idea what was planned! Thank you to AJ and his family for the beautiful flowers and yummy banana cake!



  1. Hi Grade 1’s

    I loved visiting your site. I am a teacher from a school down the road from you in Frankston. It looks like you are doing some great learning.

    Mrs Hazzledine

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Hornby!
    So glad you got spoilt by the beautiful Grade 1’s! I bet you had a wonderful day!
    Miss Smithett.

  3. Glad you had a lovely birthday Miss Hornby. I had fun too!! and thank you for the lollies too!!

  4. My E.A.L learners used great English language in helping me to put all the yummy items on the table. Ms. K

  5. I’m glad you loved it Kristen (not Christian!!..lol) AJ calls me while I’m watching rugby at AAMI Park to spell Kristen (for your bday card)….and I’m like C…H…R…. and AJ’s telling Nana, ‘mom spells wrong!….it should start with ‘K’….ha ha ha I didn’t realise what he was up to until I got home at 10:30pm and he was still up trying to design the birthday card… 🙂

  6. Belated Happy Birthday !!!!

  7. Happy birthday Miss Hornby and i hope you had a good day. From Venessa

  8. I loved your birthday balloon Ms. Hornby. What other presents did you get? Bahara

    • Thanks Bahara. I got a lovely pair of earrings from my Mum and Dad- I’m wearing them today so you can come and see them!

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