WPPS Grade 1 2012

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Will directions save the princess?


Would we save Pincess Sofia in time?

During our walk to the park last week, Princess Sofia was kidnaped by ‘the villains’ group.It was up to the ‘rescuers’ to find her and to save her before it was too late!

The ‘villains’ had left little messages with directions to the next clue. The rescuers had to use these clues to find the lost princess.


Clue 1: Facing the footy goals. Turn right. Take 20 steps forward.

Clue 2: You will find the next clue at the first footy post.

Clue 3:  Turn right. You are facing the tree with the next clue.

Clue 4: After the 4th tree, you will find the princess.

However, we found out that when you give directions you need to be really clear because the other people following your directions may get confused.

Note: No Princesses were harmed in this adventure.




  1. Princess Sofia looks very cute.

  2. I like Princess Sofia. I love playing with her it is so fun and we always play with her and we were following directions left, right and we also threw Princess Sofia, Googly Eyes and DJ in the air. Some throws were really far and some were not really far.

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