WPPS Grade 1 2012

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Crunchy Carrot News


Click on the link bellow to see our very own online CRUNCHY CARROT NEWSPAPER!


First we did some research on what newspapers look like online and on paper. Once we found some features they all had in common we decided to break into committees.


Before we could publish our online newspaper, each committee was required to brainstorm ideas and present them to the Crunchy Carrot Team.

Our Committees were:

Editing and News:

Yanni, Tevi, Nyamal, Ahsan

Rhema & Angel

TV and Songs:

Jasmine, Edward, Jade


Alex & Fiona T

Jokes and Games:

Brian & Sadul


Broadie, Joey & Yomal


Hussnain & Ian




  1. What a great newspaper. I love the joke about the tricera-bottom and the song reviews made me want to listen to them and the recipe just made me hungry!

  2. Well done! I loved reading the lyrics.

    How often will you write articles for the newspaper?

  3. Ian: Thankyou for looking at our Newspaper.

    Broadie: Our sports page is coming soon! You will like the football hints.

  4. Alex: Dear Mr Broadway,

    The cake is made with carrots. I chose this cake because we are the crunchy carrot team!

  5. You make running a newspaper seem so easy.
    I would love to use your recipes for my Cooking Club. The carrot cake looks great and I will have to see what other ingredients go in it.
    Sadul- I loved your yohoo joke. Do you have anymore.

    I will keep looking for new things. Well done!!!!!

  6. i did the news

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