WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!


Alison shared her interest of hip hop dancing with us in the grade 1 unit. For Student Choice Workshops, we have been encouraging the grade 1’s to share their interests and passions to explore. As part of the Student Choice Workshop, Alison facilitated a small group to learn a hip hop dancing routine. They worked together to source a routine that they wanted to learn and to independently assist each other with learning the moves. The group performed the routine in front of the green screen and filmed their dancing. They were very puzzled to understand how the green screen actually works! AJ now explains “it’s like a magic trick!”. The children participated through the whole process from learning the dance to editing the movie on the computer. They are all very proud of their creation and it will inspire many more mini projects to come!




  1. What a great music video. Check out the moves on the dancers! Well done.

  2. Wow! Good work grade 1s! Maybe you could teach us that dance one day 🙂

  3. to the hip hop crew did you go in the green screen room?

  4. head shoulders knees and toes i like the music. i like the dancing.
    i like the stage.

  5. Well done grade 1s!! It must have been so much fun making that video. You all seemed to be enjoying it. It sure was fun watching and see you all groovin. :))

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