WPPS Grade 1 2012

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The Animal Race


Today in LA, Yanni, Miniya, Jade and Jorji made an animation.

It was a race and the tiger won and the duck was going in circles.

We hope you like it.

This time we only took 26 photos so its only a short video, next time we will make a bigger video.


  1. I hope you will make a another movie and remember to make it bigger too.

  2. I hope to see a lot more movies too Sadul! But there is lots of work and time put into making one isn’t there?

    If this is 3 seconds long and has used 26 photos, I wonder how many photos it would take to make a 1 minute (60 seconds) length movie?

    PS > thank you for commenting Sadul!

  3. Hey Yanni, Minaya, Jade and Jorgi this is a great animation, well done!
    I’d also love to see some longer ones but I know how long it takes and how much patience is required.
    Imagine how many photos go into a full movie or tv show like Wallace and Grommit!

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