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Communication Space – LA

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Today the Grade 1’s explored more spelling patterns in the Communication Space. Miniya, Ali and Nyamal were look it the word “she” and noticed that the “sh” together made a special sound. Looking through their books, they were able to identify other words with “sh” in them.

Tori and Ian were challenged by looking at contractions. We worked together to identify contractions and what a contraction is. Tori found the word “that’s” – “I know! “That” and “is”!” said Ian.
They worked together to identify more contractions in the books. Tori was able to identify that “wasn’t” was created by the words “was” and “not”.

I wonder if you can think of other words with “sh” or that are contractions?



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  1. I can think of shock, ship and shallow.

    I am not sure Dad’s and Mum’s are contractions though, what do you think?

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