WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

Captain’s Sarsha and Yanni


Today on our visit to grade 2 we controlled the Dragon Boat on its voyage to Hawaii.

We worked out how to get to Hawaii, first we used the globe then we used the Atlas. Then we used the google earth boat.

We had to work out if we were going north south east or west. We were going to the North which is the N on the compass.

We noticed the globe had numbers all around it. What do the numbers mean?
Sarsha- they mean how far it will take
Hayley – the circles at the bottom mean time while the other ones mean where did we go



  1. Today was so much fun Yanni and I were in Grade 2 and we chose the Dragon boat and Mr Lowne helped us. We had so much fun today!

  2. That looks fun Sarsha and Yanni.

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