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Dice Game


Today we were playing a game in pairs where we were keeping a record of how many times a number is rolled. When we rolled a number, we counted on to 10.

Which number did you roll the least?
1 – Nathan and Tori
4 – Liam and Aaliyah
4 – Tarik and Fiona D
3 – Joyice and Alison
Which number did you roll the most?
6 – Nathan and Tori
3 – Liam and Aaliyah
3 – Tarik and Fiona D
6 – Alison and Joyice
1 – Risinu and AJ

Have a go – which number do you roll most? Which number do you roll least?




  1. We had a sheet of paper with number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And a dice and a pencil and whatever number we rolled on the dice we tick it and count it, for example if I get a 5 I start counting with a 6 and count up to 10. And in that game we need to be partners and my partner was Risinu.

  2. Hello dice throwers,

    Is anyone able to graph the results for me please. I believe I saw that the grade 3’s have been rolling dice too! Have they graphed their results?

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