WPPS Grade 1 2012

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Mathematical Space – LA


Today Jasmine and Muhamad were measuring using unifix the distance between A and B. There were so many unifix!

Muhamad and Jasmine came up with the strategy of marking each ten with a bean- but then they were not sure what to do. We discussed how they could count it all together. Muhamad thought they could count all the unifix while taking the beans away when they passed each ten.

Jasmine and Muhamad needed to count the tens again and marked them with beans. They helped and assisted each other so their counting was precise. Jasmine: “there’s one left over”.

Once they marked their unifix, I asked “how can we count how many unifix all together?”. Jasmine: “by tens!”

They began counting by tens but discovered that they needed support. Muhamad thought of the idea to use the number board to help them follow the pattern.

Once they counted one hundred, they then counted another hundred to make it easier. They had 100, 100 and 91… Altogether Jasmine and Muhamad worked out there were 291 unifix from A to B!

Wonderful learning! 🙂




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