WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

Construction Space – LA


Today the grade 1 and 2 enjoyed sharing Learning Agreement in the grade 2 unit. At the construction space, a team was working out how to make a plan and create a vehicle that can move…

Kristen: Plan- what does plan mean?
Pawan: plan what you’re going to make.
Brodie: you need to draw what you’re trying to build.
Kristen: Why do we need to plan?
Dominic: so we know what the building will look like.
Sadul: because we won’t know what to build!
Pawan: when you’re making something, if you don’t plan you won’t know what to make.
Ehab: my plan is in my mind.
Kristen: What should our plan have?
Broadie: should have tyres.

We discussed plans and the features of a plan including labels and different perspectives of the design (ie. birds eye view). They were all very engaged in their learning.

Broadie: Birds eye view means you’re looking at the top of it like a bird. Bottom view you’re looking at it like a mouse!

Broadie began to label his design, sounding out the words listening to the sounds. They had a wonderful time and should feel very proud of their learning!


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