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Connor’s plead to the Global Community


Mr Broadway Skyped us from his University and this week’s Grade 1 Reporters and Librarians were able to ask questions about where he was and what he’s been doing.

Last week Connor submitted an application to the Grade 1 Committee, this is what he wrote:

Dear Grade 1 Committee,

I want to be the reporter because I like to take pictures and record people all around the world. Even in Africa and New Zealand.

From Connor.

The Grade 1 Committee was excited about Connor’s idea. We were pursuaded that Connor was this week’s man for the job. Connor is now in search of someone to interview in our Global Community.

So if you are from Africa or New Zealand (or any other country) and are interested in speaking to Connor please let us know!

Although Connor is still framing his interview questions, these are an idea of what he’s looking for.

1) What do you like to eat for breakfast?

2) What time is it now in your country?




  1. What a fantastic idea! Good work and great questions!!

  2. What a lovely, encouraging reply Jorji 🙂

    So far we have 2 people who Connor can interview, one from London and one from Texas in America.

    As this week’s librarian, would you be interested in asking the people any questions? What about something to do with their favourite books, movie or music?

    Miss C

  3. Great news Connor! Friends of mine named Georgie and Clayton saw the blog and would love to chat to you on Skype soon.

    Currently they are living in London, England, but before that they’ve travelled all the way across Asia visiting lots of countries and working with ELEPHANTS! Maybe you can ask them about their trip or maybe about another big event happening in London in July (can you guess what it is?).

    Ms Cervenjak and Ms Hornby have their email addresses so maybe you can write them a letter first asking for their skype address and to arrange a time that would best suit you both for the call. I wonder what time it is in London when it’s 9am at school.

    Good luck I look forward to hearing all about it!

    • Hi georgia and clatter are uoy at the olimpecs? I lick swimming. I am happy…
      From Connor

      Hi Georgie and Clayton,
      Are you going to the Olympics? I like watching the swimming best because I like swimming. I am happy and excited to talk to you soon. I have lots of questions to ask you.

      From Connor

  4. Hi Connor,
    Thank you for your message. Yes we are going to the Olympics. We are very lucky as we have tickets to see three different events. We are sure it will be a lot of fun.
    We are looking forward to talking to you soon and answering your questions.
    Georgie and Clayton

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