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A Child’s Plea…

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The Grade 1’s were looking at the poem “A Child’s Plea…” (the author of the poem is unknown) during shared reading workshops. This poem has been in their reading logs since prep. We read the poem and discussed what learning is and what our learning looks like. They came up with so many “Wonderings” and “Discoveries” from reading the poem!

The biggest discovery was that they began to look at what they do during the day and began to identify what their learning.

“We share with each other! We are a community” – Brian
“It’s like the measuring that we are doing in the mathematics space” – Connor
“We played that memory game that is like a memory tray” – Jasmine
“Way and weigh are the same word but means different” – Tevi

One Comment

  1. Hi Grade 1
    i wanted to tell you how I loved your poem. You all did such a great job of saying your part. It’s so important to tell others how great and special they are. Thank you for sharing your poem and I hope that you keep on doing your very best!
    Mrs Todd

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