WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

Construction Space


“Today I went to the construction space for Learning Agreement. I was making a robot. I had to draw a plan first. The labels on my plan says feet, person, hand, body. I think my robot looks the same as my plan. Planning is a good thing so you know what to put on and so I can make it again.” Brian

Maybe a challenge would be for someone else to look at the plan and make the robot?



  1. Hi Kristen,

    Fantastic work, your robot looks wonderful.

    What wondering what a learning agreement is, as I have never heard of it before?



  2. “I like the plan and I really like the robot!” Jasmine
    “How did you build it?” Broadie
    “Did you work hard on it?” AJ
    “Was it hard for you?” Fiona D
    “What part of the process (designing, creating and reflecting) did you find challenging?” Kristen
    “Did you have fun?” Sarsha
    “Do you like doing it?” Sadul
    “Why did you put the person at the top of the robot?” Connor
    “What kind of robot is it?” Tarik

    We will be waiting for your replay Brian!

  3. Oops, sorry. I looked at the top for the students name, however just realised he’s name is Brian.

    So, well done Brian! Awesome robot.


    • Thanks Kellie for your comments!

      Learning Agreement is a very large part of our day at Wooranna Park Primary School. Students choose the space that they would like to learn. The spaces are set up with provocations to engage and excite the students learning. All spaces have an intended learning focus. While the students are exploring and “playing”, they are very aware that they are learning and they reflect on their learning after LA.

      I hope this has given you a short insight into our Learning Agreement! You are welcome to come and visit.


  4. Hi Kristen,

    Thank you for explaining this too me, it sounds fantastic!

    I would love to see this in action. I am currently a pre-service teacher, and yet to see students in the early years being given choice over the learning.

    I am currently in my exam period at Uni, but would love to come and visit. Thank you so much for offering. I am free in July. Perhaps I should contact you closer to the date to see what time suits you the best?

    Thanks again,


    • Not a problem Kellie!

      Feel free to email my edumail if you would like to arrange a time.


    • Hi Kellie,

      Just letting you know we have an open night this Thursday 5-7pm… You are more than welcome to come and visit!


  5. Hello everyone! I only just got on and saw all your comments, thank you all.

    Broadie, I made a plan and followed the plan and design to build it.
    Aj and Fiona, yes I worked hard on it but it was ok because the it looked cool at the end.
    Ms. Hornby, following the instruction and the plan was challenging.
    Sasha and Sadul, yes I had lots of fun.
    Connor, the person is on top of the robot because it is the face and the controller, because if he moves his arm, the robot moves.
    Tarik, it is a fighting robot, it fights the bad guys.

    Thank you all for your questions, see you at school.

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