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Hello to our Global Community!

This is a good opportunity to thank everyone for your comments on our blog. Our students LOVE reading comments and they try their best to respond to everyone. The excitement that they get to read through blog posts, write replies and think of questions that they can ask really shows how ICT offers an engaging and purposeful learning experience.

Here is the latest Wooranna Park Primary School Newsletter:
Wooranna Park Newsletter 31.05.2012

We are all getting very excited about the Wooranna Park Open Night – Thursday 21st June 5pm – 7pm.

Please come along and see our fantastic learning through our units – there will be games and the presentation for the First WPPS Paper Plane Competition.

Hope to see you there!


  1. My family and I would like to thank the teachers and staff and of course the principal, Mr. Trotter for this wonderful opportunity to get involved with our children’s learning. Having the website, we are able to see what the children are up to and how they are getting along in their school community.

    My daughter sometimes feel bad that she misses out on seeing her brothers at assembly because she’s at school herself, and now I can show her and their dad the videos that you post on here, it’s brilliant!

    Seeing the photos and reading the live blogs from today’s chess tournament was another great experience, it was so exciting to see the kids in action. Again, thank you so very much, all of you are doing a fantastic job!!!

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