WPPS Grade 1 2012

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National Tree Day


It is coming up to the annual National Tree Day on Sunday 29th July. This is Planet Ark initiative to promote the importance of trees in our communities. Look at our trees that we made with Mr. Lyon today!

We will have a tree planting day at Wooranna on Sunday 29th July from 9am to 2pm to support National Tree Day.

Why do you think we need trees in our communities?
How many reasons can you think of?
How many trees do you have in your street or even in your backyard?
What type of trees are they?




  1. Nice trees grade 1! Do any birds live there?

  2. M. Si. I.jiwu

    If I wuc uydzg.
    Uiwucreu Iowa

    If I was a tree, I would have bird on my branches. Trees help people breath.

    • Hi Nyachuot, I wonder what kind of birds you would have visit your tree?
      Would they be small or big? I wonder if they would dance and sing or be still and quiet?

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