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Global Reporter Connor


This morning Connor had a Skype call with a friend of Mr Lowne called Clayton who lives in London, England. He lives only 20 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace (who lives there?). Clayton is going to the Olympics and if we’re lucky will report back as our school’s Olympic correspondent in July.

Thanks Clayton for staying up until MIDNIGHT to talk to Connor and answer his questions.



  1. Connor’s Reflection:

    “This morning I was talking on Skype. We turned our light off so we could see Clayton in the dark – it was midnight! It was daylight here.”

    “The world is different because it goes around, and when it is sunshine here the sun then moves to another country and then it’s night time in Australia.” Alison

    “The sun is here and world is here, and the world moves. The back of the world is night time then the world moves and then it’s daylight there.” Hussnain

    “I asked Clayton about the Olympics because he is in the Olympics. He said he is going to do swimming and stuff.” Connor … [just exaggerating the story!]

    “Clayton lives next to the Queen!”

    Thanks Clayton for staying up so late 🙂

    • Connor this was soooo exciting!
      I loved listening to your chat with Clayton and especially hearing you share your take on it with the Grade 1’s.

      Hmm… I’ve been to the Buckingham Palace before, so I must have walked right past Claytons house! I had to laugh when you insisted that Clayton will be competing in not only one sporting event but “LOTS!”

      Thanks again Clayton!!!
      (Sure hope your training hard for the Olympics) 😛

      Miss C

  2. Well done Connor. It must have been very exciting speaking to someone on the other side of the world.
    Maybe when the Olympics are on TV we could look out for Clayton.
    A job well done buddy.

    • It sure was a job well done, Aunt Barb. Even Mr Trotter was saying the same thing at lunch time today.

      We’re all very proud of your learning Connor!

      😉 Miss C

  3. Well Done Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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