WPPS Grade 1 2012

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Paper planes


We are all getting excited about today’s paper plane competition. We all hope that our planes fly really well.



  1. Thankyou to Miss Cervanjek because she let us play with the airplanes at school. Thank you Grade2 for teaching us about paper airplanes and taking pictures and videos.

    I was the winner in grade 1 of the airplane competition.


  2. In the plane competition it was awesome and fun and it was cool.

    My plane went far and mine went the shortest and it was fun.

    We love the paper planes competition, it was fun.

    Thank you Miss Ross from Jade and Jorji

  3. Alison – It was fun videotaping and everybody was so good and they were close to winning.

    Victor – We all had fun it was cool. My plane did a trick but nearly all the judges gave it 10.

    Both – Everyone was a bit scared because they didn’t think that their plane wouldn’t do tricks and go farther. The judges were cool.

  4. It was fun. We were making paper planes and it’s cool and it’s good.

    I was thinking that my plane would go far but it did a trick and went backwards.

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