WPPS Grade 1 2012

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Spaghetti Letters


Today Gow, Joey, Abass, Joyice and Shigufe had lots of fun with Ms Hornby and Mr Broadway.

We sat in a circle and were blindfolded so we couldnt see and then we had to find the letters in the coloured spaghetti (that looked like worms).

We had to find A, P, C, R, H, S and M, and then make a word with that letter.

The spaghetti was cold and soft and felt like noodles. Gow thought it smelt like rice.

After that, Ms Hornby started throwing the worms and it made a big, big mess.

Everyone was so happy and Ms Hornby was so silly.



  1. it sounds like you had so much fun!!

  2. hi this is brenda that game looks fun i would like to join sometime:)

  3. I wonder what else you could hide in the spaghetti? Lucky they weren’t real worms!

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