WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

Grade 1 Assembly


It was our grade 1 assembly!

They wrote reflections afterwards:
“I was so proud of my robot dancing” Fawad

Grade 1 Assembly


  1. I thought the Grade 1 assembly was fantastic! What a great job done by everyone!!

  2. Thank you for posting the assembly on Wednesday. I missed out on watching the grade 1s…you guys are awesome! I want to learn that robot dance, I wish Brian would show me how…:))

  3. Thank you families!!
    We really appreciate hearing your feedback.

    We may need to include a parent dance session next open day ;P

  4. We are the Jets Class from Albert Village Primary School in England. We just watched the video of your assembly, and we really enjoyed it! The dancing at the end was amazing!

    We also liked looking at the photos of your classroom. It looks really bright and nice, you must keep it really tidy. We are so impressed!

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