WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

Learning with the Wii


The grade 1’s have really enjoyed using the Wii during Learning Agreement time!

We have been doing dancing. Dancing is great for the student’s gross motor skills, coordination, health and fitness, patterning and of course, their happiness!

Look at these boys giving it a go 🙂





  1. It looks like are all having a great time, it will be great to see the Prep, Ones and Twos playing this together during LA on Thursday.

  2. This look really cool. Learning with a Wii must have been great fun! I would like to get some for my class!

  3. “It looks fun and we wish we wur there.”

    It looks fun and we wish we were there.

  4. It looks fun.It looks cool.I wish had one too.

  5. “We like how you dance and play you look like you are haveing some fun and cool.”

    We like how you dance and play. You look like you are having fun. Cool!

  6. “it looks like fun too me. i have play one. i like wii. The wii looks mega fun. i ‘am geting like i ‘am playing too.”

    It looks like fun to me. I have one and play it. I like the Wii. The Wii looks mega fun. I like playing too.

  7. “it look like you are haveing a good time on the wii.”

    It looks like you are having a good time on the Wii.

  8. Your TV games look cool. You computer games look cool.

  9. We like the wii to. Naythit Linn has a wii. Your wii games is cool.

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