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How did you come to school today?

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Today we read “Shock Monday” by Gillian Bradshaw. The story is about a boy who gets taken to school by his Mum. They usually drive – but today they walked!

We began the conversation: how did you come to school today?

We drew pictures of how we came to school and collected them on a graph. This made it easier for us to make sense of information.

How many grade 1’s came to school today all together?
Elijah: 40 – it was a guess.
Sadul: 39 – I started with 23 then added 2, then 10.
Fiona D: 39 – because I started at 23 and counted on.
Alex: 39 – I started at 23 then I added blue so that was 35 then I added 2 and 2 together (that makes 4).



One Comment

  1. In our class 14 kids came to school in a car and 3 kids came to school on the bus. We have no kids who walk or ride bikes. We like your graph!

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