WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

Road Safety Committee 1


Planning an event takes lots of work. Committee number 1 planned and organised our Walk to school Day.

1. Finding a need in our community. Fawad’s story.

2. Listening to road accident stories.

  •  Mrs Hoppy- Was playing on the road and was hit by a car when she was a little girl.
  • Abass- Ran across the road and just missed being hit by a car.
  • Miss Cervenjak- Was in a car accident when she was a little girl and was in hospital for a long time.


3. Learning How to be road safe. Why we need road rules.

4. Meeting people who help us stay safe in our Community.

  • Ralph

5. Planning Our Walk to School Day

  • Finding Volunteers
  • Information Posters
  • Certificates
  • Mapping out where we live
  • Organising the meeting spots


6. Enjoying our safe and healthy walk to school with our friends and teachers!




  1. You did a very good job Committee 1 – it was a well organised day and helped to encourage people walking safely to school. Well done!

  2. Poor Miss Cervenjak, you didn’t look very happy in that photo. I’m glad you’re better now!

    • Yes so am I!

      i was SO EXCITED when I was finally allowed to play outside with my friends!!

      Staying safe on and near the roads is so important.

      🙂 Miss Cervenjak

  3. Miss C looked very unhappy but still very pretty…..we are glad that she is all better after her accident and that she is the wonderful teacher that she is.

  4. And well done to everyone who participated in the “WALK TO SCHOOL” day…..it was great fun!!!

  5. Dear Year 1’s,
    I was very proud to be part of Walk to school Day and impressed by your planning.
    If you have another Walking Bus, you can count me in. I felt happy all day from having a walk with some very happy students and teachers in the morning. 🙂

  6. “road safty is imortent beausce you can hurt by an car accident and you can stay in the hospital… be safe !

    Road safty is important because you can get hurt in a car accident and you can stay in the hospital. Be safe!

  7. I go on the blog at Friday and Fun Friday was Fun.

  8. “wot era you doowing in gred 1 kles.”

    What are you doing in the Grade 1 class?

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