WPPS Grade 1 2012

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Wow! We have a dragon!


We got SUCH a surprise today when we found a large dragon in our room today with all our names on them!

It is Mr Broadway’s end of year present to us. His very talented wife, Vivian, made it for us. It would have taken so long! The grade 1’s have already decided that it is Moo Shu’s mum.

A big THANK YOU for this wonderful present Kelvin and Viv!




  1. What a beautiful dragon!!!

  2. A beautiful dragon indeed!! Grade 1’s you’re such a lucky bunch!

  3. Mis H I wis that we can eta on the jaragin plis.

    “Miss H, I wish that we could sit on the dragon please”.

    • Hi Elijah,

      I think the dragon is super comfy to lean against! Do you think the dragon will be ok to sit on? How much weight do you think it could handle before coming apart at the seems? Hmmm! Would love to see you try and work that out….

      Miss Hornby

      • Here’s a hint Elijah:

        I sat on him once and I already noticed he was starting to come apart at the edges where the patchwork squares were sown together.

        This may be a dangerous question, but if you can estimate how much I weigh then maybe that would help you solve this challenge.
        How could you find out how much I weigh?

        😉 Good Luck

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