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Miss Cervenjak goes Flying!


Hi Grade 1’s! Thank you for all your beautiful messages. It makes me wish I was there with you all. I hope you had a good week.

Yesterday, my friend took my flying in a tiny airplane called a Jabiru. It was so much fun!

Missing you all 🙂





  1. miss cervenjak. I. Hope you had fun at your trip wen ar you cameing back wot did you do at dreamworld.

    “Miss Cervenjak, I hope you had fun at your trip. When are you coming back? What did you do at dreamworld?”

    • I came back on Monday night from Queensland and all my friends had a surprise party to say goodbye. It was very special.

      When I went to Dreamworld I went on all the fast and scary rides! It was soo hot that I went to Wet and Wild (a big water park) too!

  2. Wow miss c I wish I can go there.Miss c have fun xoxoxo.

    • I wish we could have had a Grade 1 Celebration here too! But I think it would take us too long to get here by bus.


      • Dera mis C we cood not hav a celebration it beekose we all redee had a celebration

        “Dear Miss C, we could not have a celebration because we already had a celebration”

  3. Mes savnac I you having a good time

    “Miss Cervenjak, are you having a good time?”

    • Yes!!!

      My favourite thing was when I was flying the little plane with David he let me fly it too.

      In a plane you don’t have a steering wheel like in a car, you have a joystick (like lots of PlayStation or Xbox games). When I pull it backwards the plane goes up higher and when I pulled it forward the plane went down.

  4. Miss c I you having fun?

    “Miss C, are you having fun?”

  5. Hi Miss C, we have decorated our classroom and we have put the christmas angel you gave us next to the entrance.Everytime time i look at it i think about you.

    Enjoy your trip!! Alison

    • My lucky Christmas Angel gets to see you every time you come through the door!

      Our classroom must look beautiful all decorated. Maybe you could post a picture of what it looks like?

  6. Wiy did you go on a little plen mis cethinjek.

    “Why did you go on a little plane Miss Cervenjak?”

    • I went with my friend who is a pilot. I’ve always liked flying and this way I could see Queensland from a birds-eye view. I’ll see if I can add a picture of what it looks like for a bird when it flys over Queensland.

  7. Hi mis C it me Elijah I ghost wonit to tele you that all the grad 1 mis you mis C.

    “Hi Miss C, it’s me Elijah and I just wanted to tell you that all the grade 1’s miss you Miss C”

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