WPPS Grade 1 2012

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Skyping Miss Cervenjak!


This morning we talked to Miss Cervenjak and her grade prep/1 class all the way over in Canada! She showed us outside and it looked VERY cold. Miniya asked them what time it was – it was 2pm on Monday there and 9am Tuesday here. Jasmine asked them what they enjoy doing and one boy liked playing ball.







  1. Good on you Grade 1’s for Skyping Miss Cervenjak….just what she needed, as she is missing us and especially you guys already.

  2. Thanks Grade 1’s!!!

    I loved ‘seeing’ you all! Ms K is right, I am missing you all!

    Did anyone work out how many hours behind Canada is from Australia?

  3. Daer ms c happy New year ar you comeing when we ar at grade 4 I ms you so so so so Much haveing you with me in grade 1 makes me so so much happy xxx

    “Dear Miss C,
    Happy new year! Are you coming when we are in grade 4? I miss you so, so, so, so much. Having you with me in grade 1 makes me so, so very happy. xxx”

  4. Thank you for your messages and New Year wishes!

    I sure hope I’m back by the time you’re in grade 4! 😀
    School life here is a little different from back in Australia and I’m enjoying all the new experience’s and challenges. When do you start school again? We’ve been back to school for 3 weeks already. Are you excited to be in the Dragon boat room for grade 2?

    I’m looking forward to Skyping you all again soon.
    Good luck!

    🙂 Miss C

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