WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

May 18, 2012
by khornby

Grade 1 & 2 LA!

Today Sarsha, Yanni and Aaliyah facilitated a workshop during our Grade 1 and 2 Learning Agreement day. They taught the grade 1’s and 2’s a rock’n’roll dance that they have been learning – “Rock around the clock”.

Aaliyah: “it made me feel excited!”
Sarsha: “it made me happy to show them. I found it difficult to teach them.”
Yanni: “it made me feel happy. I would like to make a film clip using the green screen room – with a background of a clock.”

They are very excited to create a movie – maybe they can create a grade 1 and 2 rock’n’roll dance group to make it with?

May 17, 2012
by kelvin broadway

Looking at an atlas

Today Gow was trying to think of different countries other than Thailand (which Nathan likes so much). When we looked in an Atlas we saw Africa and all the countries in it – we counted 40! But maybe we missed some because there was so many…

Gow wanted to share this with the class and did so at morning meeting.


May 15, 2012
by khornby

Earn & Learn – Woolworths

It’s time for Woolworths “Earn & Learn”! A great opportunity for us to get points to get sports equipment, learning resources and … LEGO!

You get one sticker for every $10. We are collecting them as a grade 1 community. Please add your stickers to our sheet near the door or send them to school with your children.


May 13, 2012
by khornby

Mother’s Day

Although it is Mother’s Day, we talked about how it is a great opportunity to appreciate any special females in our lives. We are hoping that all the special Mums, Grandmas, Aunts, sisters or special ladies in your lives had a wonderful day today!

Did you enjoy your “hand flowers”?


May 10, 2012
by khornby
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What does an engaged learner look like?

This is the Communication Space during our Grade 1 Learning Agreement. Look at how engaged they are in their learning!

What I see:
* they are staying in their space.
* they are looking at their learning.
* they are helping each other.

What I hear:
* they are asking each other questions.
* they are talking about what they are doing.
* they are using a volume that is not disrupting other spaces.



May 9, 2012
by Miss C

Grade 1 Assembly

On Wednesday 3rd May 2012, the grade 1’s had their assembly to share their learning with Wooranna Park Primary School. They used Skype to portray real time news broadcasting. In workshops, students have been looking at different forms of sharing news – news reporters, newspapers and the blog. It is an opportunity to develop their public speaking and presenting skills.

It was a fantastic assembly, all grade 1 students should feel very proud of their learning from term 1 and 2!

May 8, 2012
by khornby

Thinking about our choices

It’s really important to think about things before we either say them or do them. To demonstrate, we got a piece of paper and discussed situations that leave another person hurt or angry- and we scrunched up our paper. When we tried to smooth it out, we couldn’t – there was still the marks of where the paper had been scrunched. We thought about ways that we could help each other in our community to help other peoples “paper” to get smoothed out…

If people doesn’t know how to write something I can help them – Nyamal
If someone hurts I’ll take care of them – Broadie
I’ll listen – Rhema
Walk inside to be safe – Connor
I can tap people to help them to listen – Ian
Sharing – Brian

Saying sorry is an important way to show we have made a mistake and that we realise it – but our actions leave a mark.20120508-210335.jpg

May 8, 2012
by khornby
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Communication Space – LA

Today the Grade 1’s explored more spelling patterns in the Communication Space. Miniya, Ali and Nyamal were look it the word “she” and noticed that the “sh” together made a special sound. Looking through their books, they were able to identify other words with “sh” in them.

Tori and Ian were challenged by looking at contractions. We worked together to identify contractions and what a contraction is. Tori found the word “that’s” – “I know! “That” and “is”!” said Ian.
They worked together to identify more contractions in the books. Tori was able to identify that “wasn’t” was created by the words “was” and “not”.

I wonder if you can think of other words with “sh” or that are contractions?



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