WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

June 10, 2012
by Miss C

Eco Cubby Project

Over the past few weeks, students have been designing and creating
their ‘Dream Eco Cubby’. As part of the Eco Cubby Team, Sadul and Fiona D have
taken our ideas and presented them to the Eco Cubby Committee. Together they
will work with the Architect and Mr Lyon to design and build our very own
Wooranna Park Eco Cubby.

During Learning Agreement, Liam has engaged with this task having
planned his ‘Tree House Cubby’. “It
has stairs and you have to climb them to go up. I think we should make it from
wood so it fits in the tree. Birds can live around it.”

Liam then worked to build a model of his Cubby choosing to use
paddle pop sticks and PVA. To join the faces of his cube based structure he
then used the glue gun for extra support.

Liam was really proud of his end result. “I learnt to keep doing it, even when it got sticky!”



June 6, 2012
by khornby
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How far will our models go?

Today we listened to the “Pushbike Song”. Part of the words are:

“Down up pedals, down up down,
Round round wheels, go round and round”

How could we make a model that travels the furthest?

Students worked together to create one model. We had a start line and marked how far the models went. There were lots of wonderings and discoveries!

“Do more wheels make it go further?” Brian

We are in the process of measuring how far each model went. Some did not stay in one piece!










June 5, 2012
by khornby

National Tree Day

It is coming up to the annual National Tree Day on Sunday 29th July. This is Planet Ark initiative to promote the importance of trees in our communities. Look at our trees that we made with Mr. Lyon today!

We will have a tree planting day at Wooranna on Sunday 29th July from 9am to 2pm to support National Tree Day.

Why do you think we need trees in our communities?
How many reasons can you think of?
How many trees do you have in your street or even in your backyard?
What type of trees are they?



May 31, 2012
by khornby
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What this bike needs is….

After reading “Mrs Armitage on Wheels” the grade 1’s designed their own bikes, thinking of the repetitive statement from the story “what this bike needs is…”.

What creative thinking came from their designs!



May 30, 2012
by khornby

Outside Spaces

The grade 1’s have been working with the grade 4’s and Mr. Lyon to develop our outside space.
We brainstormed as a group then created drawings to represent what we would like to see, hear, smell and touch in our outside spaces.

What ideas could you share to create engaging outside spaces? Please comment!


May 29, 2012
by khornby
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A Child’s Plea…

The Grade 1’s were looking at the poem “A Child’s Plea…” (the author of the poem is unknown) during shared reading workshops. This poem has been in their reading logs since prep. We read the poem and discussed what learning is and what our learning looks like. They came up with so many “Wonderings” and “Discoveries” from reading the poem!

The biggest discovery was that they began to look at what they do during the day and began to identify what their learning.

“We share with each other! We are a community” – Brian
“It’s like the measuring that we are doing in the mathematics space” – Connor
“We played that memory game that is like a memory tray” – Jasmine
“Way and weigh are the same word but means different” – Tevi

May 29, 2012
by khornby

Construction Space

“Today I went to the construction space for Learning Agreement. I was making a robot. I had to draw a plan first. The labels on my plan says feet, person, hand, body. I think my robot looks the same as my plan. Planning is a good thing so you know what to put on and so I can make it again.” Brian

Maybe a challenge would be for someone else to look at the plan and make the robot?


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