WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

November 28, 2012
by Miss C

Thank You!

Thank you for the beautiful memories! I will treasure them when I’m missing you all!!

Love (a very spoilt) Miss C


June 28, 2012
by kelvin broadway

Fixing the lines

Today we went outside and we saw a white tall line truck. We took a picture of the lifting thing and the men fixing the lines. We also saw the man on the truck watching them just in case there was a fire. They wore helmets and put circles around the lines. We saw the men coming down and the crane was pushing in and moving.
By Gow, Nathan and Tarik


June 7, 2012
by Miss C

Stop Work Day

Today was a bit of a different day, as the Grade 1’s, 2’s and Roohi from Prep, joined forces and had a fun day. Here’s what we’ve got to say…


Logan: “My favourite thing was getting to use the i-Pads and the outside games.”

Luda (Alex’s Mum): “My favourite thing about today was coming to pick up Alex early when I finished work but he was having too much fun to come home!”

Daniel: “I played Chess on the i-Pad with Aaliyah. I taught her some new moves but I didn’t always win.”

Roohi: “I made new friends. Miniya and lots.”








Abass: “I fixed the blocks up. Circles, squares, triangles and another one. I don’t know what it called. I think it looks funny like a rectangle but it’s not. It has 4 corners and 4 sides. Do you know what shape it can be?”


Alex and Aaliyah: “It was fun drawing the Grade 2’s faces. I had to look really close to make it look the same.”



Tevi, Miniya and Connor made a lucky dip with all the kids that were here today, so we could take turns to use the i-Pads. They then decided to try put the names in alphabetical order.

Miniya: “It’s a bit hard. You have to know the alphabet really good.”

Tevi: “I know the alphabet, we had to look at the second letter too. Because Aa in Aaliyah is before Al in Alex.”



March 6, 2012
by khornby

Kristen’s “surprise” Birthday

What a wonderful day! Thank you to all the grade 1’s and Miss Cervenjak for throwing me a little Birthday Party today. I had no idea what was planned! Thank you to AJ and his family for the beautiful flowers and yummy banana cake!


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