WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

May 18, 2012
by khornby

Construction Space – LA

Today the grade 1 and 2 enjoyed sharing Learning Agreement in the grade 2 unit. At the construction space, a team was working out how to make a plan and create a vehicle that can move…

Kristen: Plan- what does plan mean?
Pawan: plan what you’re going to make.
Brodie: you need to draw what you’re trying to build.
Kristen: Why do we need to plan?
Dominic: so we know what the building will look like.
Sadul: because we won’t know what to build!
Pawan: when you’re making something, if you don’t plan you won’t know what to make.
Ehab: my plan is in my mind.
Kristen: What should our plan have?
Broadie: should have tyres.

We discussed plans and the features of a plan including labels and different perspectives of the design (ie. birds eye view). They were all very engaged in their learning.

Broadie: Birds eye view means you’re looking at the top of it like a bird. Bottom view you’re looking at it like a mouse!

Broadie began to label his design, sounding out the words listening to the sounds. They had a wonderful time and should feel very proud of their learning!


May 18, 2012
by khornby

Grade 1 & 2 LA!

Today Sarsha, Yanni and Aaliyah facilitated a workshop during our Grade 1 and 2 Learning Agreement day. They taught the grade 1’s and 2’s a rock’n’roll dance that they have been learning – “Rock around the clock”.

Aaliyah: “it made me feel excited!”
Sarsha: “it made me happy to show them. I found it difficult to teach them.”
Yanni: “it made me feel happy. I would like to make a film clip using the green screen room – with a background of a clock.”

They are very excited to create a movie – maybe they can create a grade 1 and 2 rock’n’roll dance group to make it with?

May 17, 2012
by khornby
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Campfire Space -LA

“Me and My Cat” – listening to stories in the Campfire Space.

“This book is about the wizard who turned the boy into a cat. She came back and turned the cat back into the boy.” Alex

What information would you like to hear about this book that Alex listened to?


May 15, 2012
by Miss C
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Welcome Back Nyachuot!

Today we welcomed back Nyachuot to Grade 1. Nyachuot was a part of our learning community last year in Prep and we are excited to have her back to join in the amazing learning happening this year.

Nyachuot fit right back in, choosing the Communication Space for Learning Agreement. Together with Tevi, the girls searched for ‘th’ words to add to our word wall this week. What an engaging and fun start to learning at Wooranna Park!

May 14, 2012
by khornby

Mathematical Space – LA

Today Jasmine and Muhamad were measuring using unifix the distance between A and B. There were so many unifix!

Muhamad and Jasmine came up with the strategy of marking each ten with a bean- but then they were not sure what to do. We discussed how they could count it all together. Muhamad thought they could count all the unifix while taking the beans away when they passed each ten.

Jasmine and Muhamad needed to count the tens again and marked them with beans. They helped and assisted each other so their counting was precise. Jasmine: “there’s one left over”.

Once they marked their unifix, I asked “how can we count how many unifix all together?”. Jasmine: “by tens!”

They began counting by tens but discovered that they needed support. Muhamad thought of the idea to use the number board to help them follow the pattern.

Once they counted one hundred, they then counted another hundred to make it easier. They had 100, 100 and 91… Altogether Jasmine and Muhamad worked out there were 291 unifix from A to B!

Wonderful learning! 🙂




May 10, 2012
by khornby
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What does an engaged learner look like?

This is the Communication Space during our Grade 1 Learning Agreement. Look at how engaged they are in their learning!

What I see:
* they are staying in their space.
* they are looking at their learning.
* they are helping each other.

What I hear:
* they are asking each other questions.
* they are talking about what they are doing.
* they are using a volume that is not disrupting other spaces.



May 9, 2012
by Mic Lowne

Captain’s Sarsha and Yanni

Today on our visit to grade 2 we controlled the Dragon Boat on its voyage to Hawaii.

We worked out how to get to Hawaii, first we used the globe then we used the Atlas. Then we used the google earth boat.

We had to work out if we were going north south east or west. We were going to the North which is the N on the compass.

We noticed the globe had numbers all around it. What do the numbers mean?
Sarsha- they mean how far it will take
Hayley – the circles at the bottom mean time while the other ones mean where did we go


May 8, 2012
by khornby
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Communication Space – LA

Today the Grade 1’s explored more spelling patterns in the Communication Space. Miniya, Ali and Nyamal were look it the word “she” and noticed that the “sh” together made a special sound. Looking through their books, they were able to identify other words with “sh” in them.

Tori and Ian were challenged by looking at contractions. We worked together to identify contractions and what a contraction is. Tori found the word “that’s” – “I know! “That” and “is”!” said Ian.
They worked together to identify more contractions in the books. Tori was able to identify that “wasn’t” was created by the words “was” and “not”.

I wonder if you can think of other words with “sh” or that are contractions?



May 7, 2012
by khornby

Communication Space – LA

Today at the Communication space, Tahra, Angel and Fiona T were looking at the word “the” on our word wall. “I know that word!” Tahra said. Tahra and Fiona identified the word. They began looking through the word cards and found other words that have “th” – this, there, with, they, them.

They wondered how many other words they could find? They searched for words that they could find with the letters and sound of “th” in their books. They found lots of other words and they are on the look out for more!

Angel, Tahra and Fiona should feel very proud of their learning and their engagement in their task.


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