WPPS Grade 1 2012

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September 7, 2012
by Mic Lowne

The Knights Tour

Today we learnt the ancient chess problem ‘The Knights Tour’. We start with a chess board and one knight. The knight needs to visit as many squares on the board as possible but cannot visit a square twice. In total there are 64 squares that the knight needs to visit.

We had two teams, a black knight and a white knight. The black knight team got scores of 41, 51 and 53 and the white team got 51 and 49 moves.

We had to think about the best possible move each time to make sure we didn’t trap ourselves somewhere on the board without any more moves. We found the corners were the most dangerous place to play as it only left two moves where the knight could go, while if we were in the middle we had eight possible moves.

Alex – My favourite part was the end of the game when we only had a few moves left and we had to think which moves was the smartest move.

When we finished the game we needed to count how many squares we had filled. Each time we had a different strategy, the first time we counted the squares in 2’s, then we tried, 5’s, 6’s, and 10’s. We even checked our answer because we knew there were 64 squares and we had 11 squares left uncovered so we worked out that 64-11=53 and we had 53 squares covered.

Sometimes we put dominoes in the possible places we could move the knights to to work out which was the best option.





August 10, 2012
by Mic Lowne
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Sorting Lego

Over the last week our Lego sets got really mixed up and we couldn’t build what we wanted to today. So instead we sorted the Lego out again. While it might look like this is just cleaning up its actually a great Maths task as we had to think about categories, count the number of studs on the bricks, measure the rods and use problem solving to work out how they all fit in the box.

We also learnt that the word actually means ‘play well’ which means that when we play with Lego we think about our team work skills, share the pieces and communicate with each other about what pieces we need to complete our kit.



August 8, 2012
by Miss C

Where’s The Maths?

In Grade 1, we are constantly looking for the mathematacis in the world around us. It has been an ongoing exploration and students are quick to point out new ways they use maths throughout their day which wethen add to our MATHS AROUND US display.

Today Elijah shared with the class the video clips he recorded of maths around him during the weekend.

Elijah found maths in:

  • Clocks (time)
  • Angry Birds (numbers, direction, angles, points that are added up as your score gets bigger)

Elijah even started a discussion of the mathematics involved in driving a car. Ms Hornby found 10 ways we use maths when we’re driving a car! Can you think of some?



August 7, 2012
by Miss C
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Target Teaching- Bird’s Eye View

In our focus to understand the concept of ‘Birds Eye View’, students in our target teaching session built a simple 3D ‘tower’ from wooden blocks. Students then took a picture on the iPad of what a bird would see if it flew over their tower.

At first it was tricky to not draw the blocks we knew were there, even if we couldn’t see them from our birds eye perspective.


Abass is looking down on his tower, seeing it like a bird would see it from the sky.

We then drew a bird’s eye view of their building using graph paper.

June 28, 2012
by khornby
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Grade 1 Chess Tournament

Today the grade 1’s held their very own mini chess tournament!

The mathematical thinking was so challenging! Can you challenge your family at chess? How many games can you play on chesskid.com? (*remember it’s the same password as mathletics)

A wonderful home learning activity 🙂






June 22, 2012
by khornby
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Little Dancers

Well done to our expert dancers last night at our open night. Sarsha was very brave in teaching parents, teachers and other students the dance moves independently. Milan and Nyamal supported Sarsha by showing everyone the moves and helping them. They all displayed fantastic confidence and coordination! We hope everyone had great fun doing the dancing. Our grade 1 dance instructors would love to continue to teach the dance if anyone is interested! 🙂

Here’s a challenge for you… what mathematical thinking is involved in dancing?

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