WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

October 8, 2012
by Miss C


Students are being encouraged to get out their sneakers and get involved in Walk to School month this October.

The program, organised by VicHealth aims to get children and young people more active by encouraging them to walk to school on a daily basis.

Students, teachers, schools and parents can register on the Walk to School website, which will run weekly competitions for students, allowing schools to win prizes such as a visit from a Play for Life pod. The website will also allow teachers to record how far their students have walked.

VicHealth has also launched a Facebook page that parents can use to upload photos and stories about walking to school with their children.

Notices will go home for parent and guardian consent. To see more please visit:



June 22, 2012
by khornby
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Little Dancers

Well done to our expert dancers last night at our open night. Sarsha was very brave in teaching parents, teachers and other students the dance moves independently. Milan and Nyamal supported Sarsha by showing everyone the moves and helping them. They all displayed fantastic confidence and coordination! We hope everyone had great fun doing the dancing. Our grade 1 dance instructors would love to continue to teach the dance if anyone is interested! 🙂

Here’s a challenge for you… what mathematical thinking is involved in dancing?

June 19, 2012
by khornby

Rock Around the Clock!

After much excitement, the Grade 1’s are proud to announce their premiere release of “Rock Around the Clock”!

Students created the rock n roll style dance during the exploration of “time” in workshops. A group decided to be really dedicated to learning the dance, even during lunchtimes and Friday Fun! Their reward for their engagement and positive learning attitudes was to create this film clip.

Well done, you should all be very proud of your learning!

Rock Around the Clock

May 30, 2012
by khornby

Outside Spaces

The grade 1’s have been working with the grade 4’s and Mr. Lyon to develop our outside space.
We brainstormed as a group then created drawings to represent what we would like to see, hear, smell and touch in our outside spaces.

What ideas could you share to create engaging outside spaces? Please comment!


May 25, 2012
by kelvin broadway
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Stickers and a plaster

Today I cut my finger in the door.

Lyn and Barb helped me and I got two stickers and a plaster.

We asked other people if they call it a plaster and we found out most people call it a band aid.

What do you call it?

By Yomal.


May 18, 2012
by khornby

Grade 1 & 2 LA!

Today Sarsha, Yanni and Aaliyah facilitated a workshop during our Grade 1 and 2 Learning Agreement day. They taught the grade 1’s and 2’s a rock’n’roll dance that they have been learning – “Rock around the clock”.

Aaliyah: “it made me feel excited!”
Sarsha: “it made me happy to show them. I found it difficult to teach them.”
Yanni: “it made me feel happy. I would like to make a film clip using the green screen room – with a background of a clock.”

They are very excited to create a movie – maybe they can create a grade 1 and 2 rock’n’roll dance group to make it with?

May 2, 2012
by khornby

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Alison shared her interest of hip hop dancing with us in the grade 1 unit. For Student Choice Workshops, we have been encouraging the grade 1’s to share their interests and passions to explore. As part of the Student Choice Workshop, Alison facilitated a small group to learn a hip hop dancing routine. They worked together to source a routine that they wanted to learn and to independently assist each other with learning the moves. The group performed the routine in front of the green screen and filmed their dancing. They were very puzzled to understand how the green screen actually works! AJ now explains “it’s like a magic trick!”. The children participated through the whole process from learning the dance to editing the movie on the computer. They are all very proud of their creation and it will inspire many more mini projects to come!



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