WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

October 23, 2012
by khornby

Finding illustrators that inspire us

Broadie – Todd Parr

Aaliyah – Murray Frederick

Muhamad – Beatrix Potter

Victor – Jonathan Scott

Yanni – Ingvar Björk

Ian – Andrew Plant

Jorji – Daniel Postgate

Fiona – Bill Peet

Connor – Glenn Mack

Sadul – Ed Yakovetic

Tahra – Anna Claybourne

Alison – Sarah Davis


October 8, 2012
by Miss C


Students are being encouraged to get out their sneakers and get involved in Walk to School month this October.

The program, organised by VicHealth aims to get children and young people more active by encouraging them to walk to school on a daily basis.

Students, teachers, schools and parents can register on the Walk to School website, which will run weekly competitions for students, allowing schools to win prizes such as a visit from a Play for Life pod. The website will also allow teachers to record how far their students have walked.

VicHealth has also launched a Facebook page that parents can use to upload photos and stories about walking to school with their children.

Notices will go home for parent and guardian consent. To see more please visit:



April 18, 2012
by khornby

Movement is Everywhere

Today we introduced our statement and project wall to the grade 1’s…

“Movement is Everywhere”

They began thinking about the statement during Learning Agreement and even began adding wonderings and wishes to the wall.

What wonderings (questions), discoveries (thoughts) or wishes (ideas) do you have about our statement “Movement is Everywhere”?



April 18, 2012
by khornby

Construction Space in LA

At the construction space today, the Grade 1’s were excited by what they found. “Something can move!” Ahsan says excitedly. Ahsan made a car and pushed it to make it move. “To make it move I had to push it… I want to make it move by itself”. Ahsan and Sasha worked together to come up with ideas.

They both decided that they wanted to add to our project wall a wish: “I wish our car would move by itself!”


February 17, 2012
by khornby

What Is Energy?

Today the Grade 1’s were posed a question – What is Energy?

Rachel and I were wanting to find out their current understanding of energy in order to strengthen our planning for our unit of inquiry. Here are some thoughts:

“Energy is when you run fast and to drink water and to eat. Energy is sports.” Alison

“I was running and I’m going to eat a carrot to run very fast. Energy is when you can eat very fast then you can think very fast.” Milan

“Energy is made out of apple. It makes you fast and good. When you eat, it becomes part of your body.” Jasmine

“Drinking water is your sweat and energy. Then you can jump, walk, exercise and run. You drink water then you run, sweat comes out. Energy is sweat.” Tevi

“Energy means to me traffic lights.” Risinu

“Energy means turning on the lights in my house and school.” Yomal

“Being brave. When you get hurt you can use your energy.” Fiona D

“This is a house with kids. The kids have gone for a run. They drink water – but it’s in the house.” Estelle

“Water makes energy.” Nyamal

“There’s water to give us energy. Air is energy. And we have to go to work to get energy.” Rhema

“Breakfast is healthy for you and it gives you energy.” Miniya

“If you’re doing a race you must get water first to be first.” Fiona T

“Energy is all about being healthy.” Joyice

“Vegetables are energy, drinks make you run fast. Peanut butter sandwiches with honey gives you energy, because the honey goes into peanut butter and makes it healthy.” Ian

“Water is energy because it makes you healthy. If you drink lots and lots or water you can carry lots of things, like an airplane.” Sarsha

“Energy is petrol in cars.” Brian

“Rainbows have about a thousand hundred energies.” Connor

“When electricity goes to the washing machine.” Hussnain

“A tweety bird is energy – he drinks water.” Niki

“Running when they are having a race. They are not taking jets, a car or airplane, bike, motorbike, skateboards or skooter. None of these are energy.” Edward

“The opera – you sing a song so fast and so funny you cry.” Alex



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