WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

October 8, 2012
by Miss C


Students are being encouraged to get out their sneakers and get involved in Walk to School month this October.

The program, organised by VicHealth aims to get children and young people more active by encouraging them to walk to school on a daily basis.

Students, teachers, schools and parents can register on the Walk to School website, which will run weekly competitions for students, allowing schools to win prizes such as a visit from a Play for Life pod. The website will also allow teachers to record how far their students have walked.

VicHealth has also launched a Facebook page that parents can use to upload photos and stories about walking to school with their children.

Notices will go home for parent and guardian consent. To see more please visit:



September 11, 2012
by Miss C

Meeting Dooby in Robot Land

This morning something very special happened…Miss Nicolaou and the grade one’s received a letter all the way from Dooby the Robot. Dooby invited us to Robot Land to help him out with his dance video. Dooby wore black sunglasses and communicated to us through his robot actions.
Our mission was to work as a team and create our very own robot medallions to wear in the dance video. This was very exciting! We used black paper and shiny foil…

August 7, 2012
by Miss C

Miniya’s Knitting Workshop

Miniya returned to school in Term 3 eager to share with her peers a new skill she learnt over the School Holidays. She displayed her capabilities to explain and demonstrate the process and patiently helped teach a small group of peers and even Miss Cervenjak how to finger knit. Miss Cervenjak then extended the learning experience by teaching students a similar form of knitting known as ‘French Knitting’. The Grade 1 students have now joined the senior knitting group during Lunch time to help knit items for homeless people around local Dandenong.

Alex shows off his French knitting and excitedly says, “I did this all today!”

We are knitting our fingers” says Ali

What a fun, relaxing skill! Thanks to Miniya for sharing her passion with us!

June 8, 2012
by khornby

Does the weight effect how far our models go?

Continued from our “Mrs Armitage on Wheels” workshops…..

Today we discussed the question “What would make a difference to how far our model travelled?”. We came up with lots of ideas – one being whether the weight would make a difference.

We weighed our models on scales. We used tiles to measure how heavy they were. Guess what? The model that went the furthest was also the heaviest!






May 31, 2012
by khornby
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What this bike needs is….

After reading “Mrs Armitage on Wheels” the grade 1’s designed their own bikes, thinking of the repetitive statement from the story “what this bike needs is…”.

What creative thinking came from their designs!



May 29, 2012
by khornby
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A Child’s Plea…

The Grade 1’s were looking at the poem “A Child’s Plea…” (the author of the poem is unknown) during shared reading workshops. This poem has been in their reading logs since prep. We read the poem and discussed what learning is and what our learning looks like. They came up with so many “Wonderings” and “Discoveries” from reading the poem!

The biggest discovery was that they began to look at what they do during the day and began to identify what their learning.

“We share with each other! We are a community” – Brian
“It’s like the measuring that we are doing in the mathematics space” – Connor
“We played that memory game that is like a memory tray” – Jasmine
“Way and weigh are the same word but means different” – Tevi

May 2, 2012
by khornby

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Alison shared her interest of hip hop dancing with us in the grade 1 unit. For Student Choice Workshops, we have been encouraging the grade 1’s to share their interests and passions to explore. As part of the Student Choice Workshop, Alison facilitated a small group to learn a hip hop dancing routine. They worked together to source a routine that they wanted to learn and to independently assist each other with learning the moves. The group performed the routine in front of the green screen and filmed their dancing. They were very puzzled to understand how the green screen actually works! AJ now explains “it’s like a magic trick!”. The children participated through the whole process from learning the dance to editing the movie on the computer. They are all very proud of their creation and it will inspire many more mini projects to come!



March 14, 2012
by Miss C

Will directions save the princess?

Would we save Pincess Sofia in time?

During our walk to the park last week, Princess Sofia was kidnaped by ‘the villains’ group.It was up to the ‘rescuers’ to find her and to save her before it was too late!

The ‘villains’ had left little messages with directions to the next clue. The rescuers had to use these clues to find the lost princess.


Clue 1: Facing the footy goals. Turn right. Take 20 steps forward.

Clue 2: You will find the next clue at the first footy post.

Clue 3:  Turn right. You are facing the tree with the next clue.

Clue 4: After the 4th tree, you will find the princess.

However, we found out that when you give directions you need to be really clear because the other people following your directions may get confused.

Note: No Princesses were harmed in this adventure.


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