WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

April 30, 2012
by Miss C

Crunchy Carrot News

Click on the link bellow to see our very own online CRUNCHY CARROT NEWSPAPER!


First we did some research on what newspapers look like online and on paper. Once we found some features they all had in common we decided to break into committees.


Before we could publish our online newspaper, each committee was required to brainstorm ideas and present them to the Crunchy Carrot Team.

Our Committees were:

Editing and News:

Yanni, Tevi, Nyamal, Ahsan

Rhema & Angel

TV and Songs:

Jasmine, Edward, Jade


Alex & Fiona T

Jokes and Games:

Brian & Sadul


Broadie, Joey & Yomal


Hussnain & Ian



April 27, 2012
by khornby

Grade 1 Leaders – the Technician

As the role of the technician leader, Ahsan has been helping Mr. Broadway in changing the computer monitors. Other jobs that he has been doing is ensuring all computers are turned on and our blog is open on them.

This morning the grade 1’s collaboratively explored the blogs on the net books. It was a real and authentic reading and writing opportunity. Thank you Ahsan for ensuring the blogs were open on the net books!


April 20, 2012
by khornby

“Noni the Pony” #5

Noni the Pony, Dave the Dog and Coco that Cat were all asleep in the hay. In our previous workshop, we worked out how many legs were curled up in the bed. Today we made up our own wonderful addition stories! We had wonderful imaginations with the animals we thought of – some are quite tricky!

Can you work out the solution to our addition stories? How did you work it out?

A giraffe, a pig, a zebra and five Garfields [cats] are sleeping in the bed. How many legs are in the bed?

In the farm there was animals sleeping in the hay. There was a centipede and there was a lion and there was a tiger. How many legs are in the hay?




Photos of learning by Tevi, Brian and Sadul. Stay tuned for more problems to come on this post!!

April 19, 2012
by khornby
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“Noni the Pony” #4

We made an amazing discovery today – “Noni the Pony” has lots of rhyming words! We made a list of all the rhyming words we found then made lists of them. Sitting with a partner, we brainstormed more words to add to the lists.

What other words can you think of that rhyme with these?


April 18, 2012
by khornby

Movement is Everywhere

Today we introduced our statement and project wall to the grade 1’s…

“Movement is Everywhere”

They began thinking about the statement during Learning Agreement and even began adding wonderings and wishes to the wall.

What wonderings (questions), discoveries (thoughts) or wishes (ideas) do you have about our statement “Movement is Everywhere”?



April 18, 2012
by khornby

Construction Space in LA

At the construction space today, the Grade 1’s were excited by what they found. “Something can move!” Ahsan says excitedly. Ahsan made a car and pushed it to make it move. “To make it move I had to push it… I want to make it move by itself”. Ahsan and Sasha worked together to come up with ideas.

They both decided that they wanted to add to our project wall a wish: “I wish our car would move by itself!”


April 18, 2012
by khornby

“Noni the Pony” #3

Today we read “Noni the Pony” and listed our wonderings and discoveries. We made so many new discoveries and lots of wonderings! Maybe you might be able to answer some of our questions?

Why is her tail the colour of honey? Tevi
Why does she eat carrots, hay and apples? Brian
Why doesn’t that look like a farm? Jasmine
Can horses dance? Hussnain
How does Noni dance? Ian
What is the punctuation , ? Miss Hornby

Sentences end in full stops. Ian
Farms don’t always have animals or fences. Miss Hornby
They rhyme! Tevi
“Fat” and “cat”. Ian
They rhyme because they have “at” – the first letters don’t have to be the same. Yanni
It uses imagination – it doesn’t have to be real. Alex
Names have capital letters! Sadul
, means breath. Alex
Dogs don’t always chase cats. Brian

We wonder what discoveries we will make tomorrow reading “Noni the Pony”!

April 17, 2012
by khornby

“Noni the Pony”

We talked about horses today and brainstormed what we knew about them.

“They eat hay” Broadie.
“You ride them” Victor.
“Some stand on their hind legs” Connor.
“They eat carrots” Edward.

We then made our own horses out of play dough.

March 30, 2012
by khornby

The Chocolate Egg Hunt!

We received an exciting letter this morning! Estelle rushed to the Grade 1’s and said “I found this letter under the door!”. The letter said “Please go to the park over the road at 9.50am”. The grade 1’s walked over to the park and found ANOTHER letter! It said “search high and low but stay on the wood chips! Love the Easter bunny xx”. The children searched then we shared the eggs so that everyone had an equal amount. What fun!

How do you celebrate Easter? Is there something else that you celebrate at this time of year?



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