WPPS Grade 1 2012

Creating lifelong learners

June 29, 2012
by khornby
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Sasha’s Visit

Today Kristen brought her dog Sasha to school so she could join us at the park. We all had lots of fun!

How would you describe Sasha? Can you think up imaginary stories of adventures that you could share with her? Could you draw a map of our journey from the grade 1 unit to the park?

Here are some pictures, writing (by Tevi) and drawings (by Broadie, Nathan and Aaliyah) from today!







June 28, 2012
by kelvin broadway

Drawing a turtle

This was a turtle I drew for Mr Broadway. I did it by using lines like in the book. The book also helped with drawing the head and it helped me with drawing the flippers.

I also made another turtle with scrap paper then I coloured it in.

By Broadie



June 8, 2012
by khornby

Does the weight effect how far our models go?

Continued from our “Mrs Armitage on Wheels” workshops…..

Today we discussed the question “What would make a difference to how far our model travelled?”. We came up with lots of ideas – one being whether the weight would make a difference.

We weighed our models on scales. We used tiles to measure how heavy they were. Guess what? The model that went the furthest was also the heaviest!






May 31, 2012
by khornby
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What this bike needs is….

After reading “Mrs Armitage on Wheels” the grade 1’s designed their own bikes, thinking of the repetitive statement from the story “what this bike needs is…”.

What creative thinking came from their designs!



May 30, 2012
by khornby

Outside Spaces

The grade 1’s have been working with the grade 4’s and Mr. Lyon to develop our outside space.
We brainstormed as a group then created drawings to represent what we would like to see, hear, smell and touch in our outside spaces.

What ideas could you share to create engaging outside spaces? Please comment!


May 29, 2012
by khornby
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A Child’s Plea…

The Grade 1’s were looking at the poem “A Child’s Plea…” (the author of the poem is unknown) during shared reading workshops. This poem has been in their reading logs since prep. We read the poem and discussed what learning is and what our learning looks like. They came up with so many “Wonderings” and “Discoveries” from reading the poem!

The biggest discovery was that they began to look at what they do during the day and began to identify what their learning.

“We share with each other! We are a community” – Brian
“It’s like the measuring that we are doing in the mathematics space” – Connor
“We played that memory game that is like a memory tray” – Jasmine
“Way and weigh are the same word but means different” – Tevi

May 18, 2012
by khornby

Construction Space – LA

Today the grade 1 and 2 enjoyed sharing Learning Agreement in the grade 2 unit. At the construction space, a team was working out how to make a plan and create a vehicle that can move…

Kristen: Plan- what does plan mean?
Pawan: plan what you’re going to make.
Brodie: you need to draw what you’re trying to build.
Kristen: Why do we need to plan?
Dominic: so we know what the building will look like.
Sadul: because we won’t know what to build!
Pawan: when you’re making something, if you don’t plan you won’t know what to make.
Ehab: my plan is in my mind.
Kristen: What should our plan have?
Broadie: should have tyres.

We discussed plans and the features of a plan including labels and different perspectives of the design (ie. birds eye view). They were all very engaged in their learning.

Broadie: Birds eye view means you’re looking at the top of it like a bird. Bottom view you’re looking at it like a mouse!

Broadie began to label his design, sounding out the words listening to the sounds. They had a wonderful time and should feel very proud of their learning!


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